Specialised Consultants

Imagine if you could hire an experienced professional for every arm of your business at a low price. Without specialized consultants, you would spend years hiring and training employees to raise an efficient workforce. You would also spend money, time, and energy on legal compliances, employee grievances, training manuals, and infrastructure.

Think of the seamless stream of services, time-saving, and the profound efficiency you can achieve with Go-to Outsourcing! You can find the perfect, certified, and chartered professional for your business needs and specific project practically overnight once you associate with us.

When specialized consultancy roles are outsourced, full-time employees devote their time and effort to more perennial parts of the company thereby propelling growth.
We have specialized consultants who can help you with the following:

Payroll Specialist

Daunted by the idea of maintaining and updating employee records? Hire a payroll specialist who will be your go-to person for everything related to salaries and payroll. Now thinking about employee morale, legal hazards and seamless operations is someone else's job!

BPO Setup

We know you want to focus on your core business. Leave the various back-end and front-end activities to us. From tech support to hand-holding your clients—we have so much to offer!

Chartered Consultant

We all need strong insights to help manage finances. At Go-to Outsourcing we can provide you with expert and trusted financial advice through our Chartered consultants. They can provide budgets and projections as often as you need them so you make smart business decisions.

Management Accountant

Data is the future, but number-crunching can be intimidating. So leave the data analysis to the experts. Our management accountants will study your financial processes to make them more prudent and cost-effective.

Chartered HR consultants

At Go-to Outsourcing, we treat human resource management as an art—one that we have honed with a mix of experience and adherence to the highest standards. Cultivating relationships takes time, money, and a lot of energy—all of which you save by hiring our Chartered HR consultants.

Chartered Supply Chain Specialists

In a globalized world order, supply chain management can be extremely complicated and a logistical nightmare. But why worry? With us at the helm, we will take over stock delivery and managing inventories—meeting every deadline and closely monitoring the entire chain.


A Project Management Professional is the most specialized person that you can find for a particular task. They have the education, training, and experience that will ensure that your task is performed to perfection while cutting costs.

What makes it SMART to hire specialized consultants

  • Access well-trained experts with special skills.
  • Access the latest resources for smooth workflows.
  • Focus on innovation and growth by leveraging new talent
  • Receive an unbiased and fresh view of the internal working of the company